Day 325: William and the Holiday Centre

The facts

“My mother was telling me about this thing she once went to where people had to get things from all over the village an’ they had clues written in poetry to tell them what they’d got to find. It was called a scavenger hunt.”
“We won’t call it that,” said William. “We’ll call it Treasure Hunt. It’s easier to spell.”
He took the pencil stump and wrote ‘Tresher hunt’.


With the long summer holidays spread out in front of them – both exciting and daunting – the Outlaws decide to open an adventure holiday centre for local children.

For its inaugural treasure hunt, William chooses various objects from around the village that he is going to send his campers to fetch. But the dry run the Outlaws perform causes such chaos (including the accidental borrowing and destruction of a letter from Robert to his best beloved) that a rethink is called for.

Henry had had the idea of a blindfold race using plant pots instead of handkerchiefs and, while testing the effect, had got his plant pot so firmly wedged over his head that it had had to be broken by William and Ginger, leaving a cut across his forehead and a blackening eye.
“Did you take the dog back?” said William.
“Well, not quite,” said Douglas.

In the meantime, William has to re-create Robert’s letter… He can’t actually think of any nice things to say about the recipient, Diana, but he knows some unpleasant thinks Ethel has said about her and cleverly inverts them:

Dear Dianner, I hop you are well. Thank you for asking me to cum to the sowth of france with you I will cum to the sowth of france with you. I don’t think that your conseated and die your hair or that you look a site without makeup or that your a harfwit and I wouldent mind being seen ded in that hat with fethers and I no weel have a jolly good time in the sowth of france. with luv, Robert Brown.