Day 309: William on the Trail

 The facts

“And, to crown all,” Ethel raged to Archie, “you’ve got to bring that object home in the car with us.”
“What object?” said William, mystified.
“You,” said Ethel tersely.

  • Number: 31.1
  • Published: 1958 (not to be confused with the 1935 unpublished story, 18.0, of the same name
  • Book: William’s Television Show
  • Synopsis: Archie gets a job (to an extent).


Goaded by Ethel that he “couldn’t hold a proper job for a week”, Archie vows to prove her wrong and obtain gainful employment.

Sure enough, before the week is out, the village gets used to the sight of Archie putting on a suit and catching the 8:15 train to work every morning.

One day, while he’s out, William and Ginger espy a shadowy figure making its way around his cottage; upon establishing that Archie owns nothing valuable enough to steal, William concludes:

“He was out after…” – William looked slightly self-conscious as he repeated the phrase he had come across in one of Robert’s books – “He was out after bigger game.”
“What bigger game?”
“P’litical,” said William. “International secrets an’ such like.”

“We’d better go in armed, ’cause they’ll prob’ly be desperate. I’ll take my water-pistol.”

But imagine their surprise when they discover that the intruder looks exactly the same as Archie! It must be his twin brother…