Day 349: William and the Disappearing Manuscripts

The facts

“He’s been to the Gen’ral’s house,” said William.
“We don’t know he has,” said Ginger.
“Well, he came from that direction, so he mus’ have been. He couldn’t have come from anywhere else.”
“He might have done,” said Ginger.
“Well, I bet he didn’t,” said William. “You could tell by the look on his face that he’d been up to some devilry.”

  • Number: 37.2
  • Published: 1968
  • Book: William the Superman
  • Synopsis: William helps get General Moult’s memoirs published


A group of villagers, marshalled by Mrs Monks, has got together to organise a 90th birthday party for General Moult (who insists that he is only 80 and is enraged by any suggestion to the contrary – and also hates parties).

But the General has other problems as well: his lengthy war memoirs have been rejected by publisher after publisher, to the extent that he believes that he must be under the curse of a witch-doctor he met out in Africa during the Boer War (see also William and the Brown Check Sports Coat, 27.3).

William believes he’s detected the witch doctor living nearby, and goes to investigate…

An oddly flat story though.