Day 350: Violet Elizabeth Runs Away

The facts

“Ole Frenchie always gives dotty subjects for essays,” said Ginger.
“The last one was Wales,” said Douglas.
“I wrote a jolly good one on that,” said William. “I told about the man that got eaten by one in the Bible and about a dream I once had of one tryin’ to get on top of a bus an’ endin’ up havin’ a fight with an octopus. It was a smashin’ essay an’ he didn’t give me a single mark an’ he said some jolly nasty things about it.”
“He meant the country not the fish,” said Henry. “He’d just given a lesson all about it with maps an’ things.”
“Well, I hadn’t been listening,” said William in simple explanation.

  • Number: 37.3
  • Published: 1968
  • Book: William the Superman
  • Synopsis: Violet Elizabeth Bott seeks sanctuary with the Outlaws.


Violet Elizabeth has been temporarily deposited in a local boarding school for girls while her parents are away, and, not enjoying the experience, has been dogging the Outlaws all the more.

Eventually she dons a wig and escapes altogether, attaching herself to the Outlaws, leading Henry to conclude, “It’s a sort of moral problem. She’s sort of taken sanctuary with us. She’s sort of a mixture of an orphan and a refugee.”

“You’re a story-teller,” said Douglas sternly.
“I know I am,” said Violet Elizabeth with an air of modest pride. “I’m a very good thtory-teller.”

She suggests that they “put a notith in the potht offith” to get her adopted: “Lovable young lady wanth to be adopted by nithe perthon.”

When they hear of a mysterious local woman who is looking for a girl to be a companion to her own daughter, their hearts leap… but when they set eyes on this local woman, everything goes wrong…