Day 211: The Outlaws go A-Mumming

 The facts

“It’S Christmas in four days now,” said Ginger.
“I know,” said Douglas. “Seems much longer than a year ago since the last one.”
“It always does,” said William. “That’s what’s wrong with Christmas. It comes too slow an’ goes too quick. It’s ridic’lous only havin’ one day for Christmas an’ then all that long time with nothin’. I think it oughter be a week.”

  • Number: 19.5
  • Published: 1937 (same year in magazine form, originally titled William the Dragon)
  • Book: William the Showman
  • Synopsis: The Outlaws re-enact the triumph of St George.


Needing an injection of funds in time for Christmas, William dispassionately remarks that the Outlaws have “tried bein’ waits and it didn’t come off properly” – though in fact I feel it went off rather well, at least it did in William Joins the Waits, 8.9.

But, this time, they decide to try mumming. Specifically, mumming out the story of St George and the Dragon, wearing a dragon suit stolen from a boy in the neighbourhood who is away, staying with relatives.

It all goes the same way as William All the Time, 4.4, though, really.