Day 169: William and the Fisherman

The facts

The rest of the day was merely boring. The boatman would not let William try to row. His father would not let him try to fish. He got hopelessly entangled in a spare rod; he accidentally dropped overboard a box of flies that were unobtainable locally; he-was bitten in the hand by a trout that he thought was dead, and thereupon gave a yell that put every other fish for miles around upon its guard. He disgraced himself completely and finally by standing up to stretch away an attack of pins and needles, and overbalancing upon his father’s rod and breaking it.

  • Number: 15.8
  • Published: 1933 (1932 in magazine form)
    originally titled William Goes Fishing
  • Book: William the Rebel
  • Synopsis: William accompanies his father on a fishing holiday.


Every year, Mr Brown decamps on a trip to an eccentric, ultra-masculine fishing community. And this year, due to lack of alternative childcare arrangements, William gets to go with.

William doesn’t take long to cause chaos for his father, have several near-death-experiences in the water, and make a mortal enemy of Archie, the young man who is the unspoken leader of the fishermen.

William is not the only child-of-a-fisherman present, though. Claribel, a very attractive young woman, has caught Archie’s eye, so William has a clear option for revenge.

Somehow the story leaves one wanting more though.