Day 158: Their Good Resolution

The facts

The door bore a brass label with the word: “Crèche”.
“Look!” said William excitedly. “That’s his name. Kreetch. That proves it. He’s a foreigner. Kidnappers are always foreigners… Kreetch. Fancy him having the cheek to put his name on the house when he’s got all those children held to ransom in it.”

  • Number: 14.8
  • Published: 1932 (same year in magazine form) – originally titled William’s Rescue Party
  • Book: William the Pirate
  • Synopsis: The Outlaws set out to free some arbitrary captives.


Disenchanted with their parents’ suggested new year’s resolutions – cleanliness, punctuality and the like – William comes up with a brilliant idea for a resolution: “Let’s rescue someone!” Prompted for clarification, he adds: “Go anywhere. Jus’ go on till you find someone wantin’ rescuin’ an’ then rescue them.”

“I think it’s silly havin’ good resolutions for New Year’s Day,” said Ginger. “It would be much more sens’ble to have pancakes same as on Shrove Tuesday or bonfires same as on the Fifth of November. I can’t think who thought of good resolutions. He must have been potty.”

They are disappointed with the small number of captives in their own village, but on discovering a house full of kidnapped children in a nearby town, report it to the police.

This doesn’t prove successful, so they abandon those captives and move onto another set, and somehow get themselves locked in an upstairs room in an abandoned house.

A somewhat aimless, meandering story though.