Day 153: The Outlaws and the Triplets

The facts

William was deeply interested in the prospect of Ethel’s tennis party.
“I’ll think out some new sorts of games, Ethel,” he had volunteered, “somethin’ that’ll make it go with a bit of a swing. I bet everyone’s tired of tennis.”

  • Number: 14.3
  • Published: 1932 (1931 in magazine form) – originally titled William and the Lost Babies
  • Book: William the Pirate
  • Synopsis: The Outlaws acquire three babies.


In The Outlaws, 1.8, the boys made a spectacular mess of looking after a baby. But someone’s decided to give them another shot at it this time, and they do marginally better until they leave the poor thing outside a shop.

“What illnesses have they had?” asked the proprietress of the baby show.
“Lumbago,” said William, remembering the complaint that had kept his father in bed for a day last week.

When they split up to search the neighbourhood for the missing child, they discover three (cf. buses) and are unsure how to dispose of the two which are surplus to requirements.

In the end, they decide to dump them at a local baby show.

William makes a hasty escape by agreeing to take up his aunt’s invitation of a visit to her home some way away.