Day 80: William Starts the Holidays

The facts

“You… you wouldn’t like to do a little quiet school work, would you, William dear, so as to keep your hand in for next term?”
“I don’t think so, mother,” William said. “I don’t think it fair on the other boys to go on workin’ in the holidays.”

  • Number: 6.12
  • Published: 1926 (same year in magazine form)
  • Book: William the Conqueror
  • Synopsis: William makes his presence felt at Robert and Ethel’s Christmas party.


William starts the story on bad terms with his family when – innocently following his mother’s advice that Christmas presents needn’t be expensive if he makes them – he turns Ethel’s best hat into a plant-pot.

“What’s the fun of findin’ a burglar an’ lettin’ someone else catch him”

But it only gets worse when he smuggles the Outlaws into his siblings’ party (they hide under a table and eat mountains of food passed down by William).

And then it gets still worse when they apprehend a ‘buglar’ in the drawing-room and lock him in the greenhouse.

A nicely compact tale of how William can bring three total, and totally different, chaoses to the events of a single day.