Day 76: The Sunday School Treat

The facts

William had attended a superior Sunday School for the sons of gentlefolk held by one Miss Lomas at her home. Since her nervous breakdown, however (which occurred shortly after William joined her class)…

  • Number: 6.8
  • Published: 1926 (1925 in magazine form)
  • Book: William the Conqueror
  • Synopsis: William uncovers a plot to assassinate Ethel.


When William and Hubert Lane (now accorded the status of “sworn enemy”, a promotion from his rather grey first appearance in William the Match-maker, 5.8) start a wrestling match that derails the Sunday School games afternoon, the curate is too busy flirting with Ethel to intervene. So William was left to his own devices, to roam the countryside.

Besides, William decided, it would be one thing for him to think of killing Ethel, but quite another thing for a perfect stranger to think of it. William’s indignation increased. It was little short of impertinence for a complete stranger to contemplate killing his sister.

While roaming he overhears two men scheming to “kill Ethel” by pushing her into a river. Of course, it turns out that one of them is a writer of thrillers and referring to a character.

This is a slightly contrived and underwhelming story, then – mainly marked by the total negligence of everyone supposed to be involved in the organisation of the Sunday School event, from Ethel to the curate to the Vicar (who resolutely pretends not to notice the terrible events happening under his very nose… sound familiar?)