Day 69: Enter the Sweep

The facts

William and Ginger proudly introduced the girls to the soot.
“Ith lovely,” said Mary. “Leth… leth danth round it, holding handth.”
“All right,” said William genially. “Come on.”
Then came the catastrophe.

  • Number: 6.1
  • Published: 1926 (1921 in magazine form)
  • Book: William the Conqueror
  • Synopsis: William becomes the proud owner of a bag of soot.


So short this is more of a sketch than a story really: William makes friends with a visiting chimney-sweep and receives the stupendous gift of a sack full of soot.

In the manner of two slightly older boys in receipt of a lode of alcohol, William and Ginger proudly invite a couple of girls round to share in their spoils…