Day 277: Violet Elizabeth Wins

 The facts

“I once got eight out of ten for hist’ry. At least,” added Ginger, with a burst of honesty, “it looked like eight.”
“It turned out to be three,” Douglas reminded him.
“I once had to write out the date of the battle of Waterloo a hundred times,” said William, “so I ought to know a bit of hist’ry.”
“What was the date of the battle of Waterloo?” Henry challenged him.
William hesitated.

  • Number: 27.1
  • Published: 1950 (1949 in magazine form)
  • Book: William the Bold
  • Synopsis: The Outlaws need to borrow some ‘hist’ry clothes’.


About time Violet Elizabeth got her name into the title of a story!

This story also marks the appearance of Archie Mannister. He was technically first seen in William and the Twins, 12.10, as a kooky paranormalist painter sharing Honeysuckle Cottage with his kooky twin sister, but from this point on a slightly different version of him becomes a recurring character, admirer of Ethel and victim of William’s generosity.

“We’ll come into your studio an’ sit down a bit if you like, Archie,” said William, realising that, in Archie’s present mood, it devolved upon him , William, to play the parts of both host and guest.

This time, the Outlaws need to work their way into his good books so that he will lend them his “hist’ry clothes” for a play they’re putting on, and they conclude that the best way to do this is for them to find a tramp to model for a painting he’s working on; meanwhile, Violet Elizabeth decides to help out by ‘cleaning’ Archie’s kitchen. When a rich aunt comes to visit events take an interesting turn…