Day 129: A Little Interlude

The facts

“I must say it’s all very odd,” said the beloved coldly. “I’m not used to people I’m supposed to be dancing with suddenly going off and getting locked in sheds like this.”
“I wish you’d do something,” said the goaded Robert, “instead of standing there talking.”
“What do you expect me to do?” said the beloved still more coldly.

  • Number: 11.9
  • Published: 1930 (1929 in magazine form, originally titled William the Bold Pirate)
  • Book: William the Bad
  • Synopsis: William organises a three-way fancy dress swap (without the consent of the other two parties).


A proper French farce, this one. When Robert and Ethel decide to host a fancy dress party, they do so with no little trepidation, given the disaster William made of their last one in William Starts the Holidays, 6.12.

This time, Robert has borrowed a magnificent pirate costume from his friend Gordon. William, envious, decides to swap it with the plain black monk’s robe which he has ‘borrowed’ from an eccentric writer staying in the village.

“Couldn’t you send William to an Asylum or an Orphanage or something till it’s over?” asked Robert.
“Of course not, dear,” said Mrs. Brown. “They wouldn’t take him.”
“No,” said Robert bitterly, “they’ve got more sense.”

When the eccentric writer, discovering his loss, flies forth in a rage, determined to wreak vengeance on the person he finds wearing his robe… yes, that happens.

When he informs Gordon that his costume has been taken from him, Gordon, believing the pirate suit to be the costume in question, flies forth in a rage, determined to wreak vengeance on the person he finds wearing his pirate suit… yes, that happens.

The ending is unexpectedly peaceful though; almost jarringly so.