Day 249: The Outlaws and the Parachutist

The facts

“Our cook’s cousin’s a ’contamination man. He wears things jus’ like a diver.”
“I’d sooner be a Home Guard man. I’d like to shoot through the little holes.”
“Our gardener knows a man what’s got a friend what knows someone what caught a·parachutist dressed up as a woman.”
“They do that, you know. They dress up as women.”
“Yes, if ever you see a woman what looks like a man you c’n be jolly sure it’s a parachutist.”

  • Number: 23.6
  • Published: 1941 (same year in magazine form)
  • Book: William Does His Bit
  • Synopsis: The Outlaws believe they’ve caught a parachutist.


Enthused by yet another idea to help the war effort, the Outlaws block a road and wait for a German parachutist to arrive.

Because they know that German parachutists sometimes disguise themselves as women, when they see a man in obvious drag walking towards them, they are sure that their time has come. When they knock their suspect out and find that he is carrying an admission pass to Marleigh Aerodrome, this only adds to their suspicions.