Day 262: A Present for a Little Girl

The facts

Beneath William’s rugged exterior was a deeply hidden vein of chivalry. He didn ‘t like to think of the little girl ‘s being unhappy. He couldn’t get it out of his head. It worried him… He didn’t want to, but he felt he must go back to see if she really was crying, and, in that case, to find out if he could help. Slowly, reluctantly, he retraced his steps to Honeysuckle Cottage.

  • Number: 24.9
  • Published: 1942 (same year in magazine form)
  • Book: William Carries On
  • Synopsis: William (sort-of) embraces vegetarianism.


Tempted by a little girl’s tears to help save her pet rabbit from being eaten as an off-ration family treat in pie form, William resorts to increasingly desperate measures to secrete Ernest somewhere safe and, above all, inconspicuous.

Despite William’s very ingenous charming of General Moult, who ‘keeps rabbits’, the whole thing goes horribly wrong. But as a story, it’s somewhat devoid of entertaining moments, and its plotline is fundamentally identical to He Who Fights, 20.1, and William and the Unfair Sex, 22.4.