Day 331: William the Psychiatrist

The facts

“D’you feel any mental trouble?” said William.
“No,” said Ginger after a moment’s consideration.
“I’ve cured you, then,” said Wimam triumphantly.


A famous psychiatrist is staying in the village (suffering from depression!) but on hearing about the craft of psychiatry, William feels he could do a better job. And so the sign goes up on the Old Barn:


They painted the wall in patches: red, blue, green and yellow. The paint spread up William’s arms, down Ginger’s neck, over both their faces. Again they stepped back to consider the result.
“Well, I mus’ say I like it,” said William. “Don’t you?”
“Yes, I do,” said Ginger. “It jus’ couldn’t help cheerin’ anyone up.”

He fails to cure his first patient, who is feeling down in the dumps due to the collapse of his engagement; but as William remarks, “Crackers! He jolly well deserves his mental troubles.”

But the boys’ second patient is Mr Summers, the famous psychiatrist. And while they don’t cure him (William does, quite perceptively, observe: “It’s your fault if you’re not cured; you can’t have talked right”), he pays them so handsomely that the Outlaws feel obliged to do more to help him.

Rather oddly, their approach is to redecorate his house in highly eccentric, bold colours. Although they paint the wrong house… the one belonging to their first patient…