Day 293: William and the Moon Rocket

 The facts

“We’ve not got a rocket,” said Ginger.
“Well, we could make one, couldn’t we?” said William.
“No,” said Ginger simply. “An’ we don’t know where it is… the moon, I mean.”
“’Course we do,” said William. “Are you blind or somethin’?”


“We’ve got to be first on the moon,” said William with an air of stem determination.

And so it was that William set his sights on beating Neil Armstrong to make a giant leap for humanity.

“It’s not very comfortable,” said Ginger.
“Well, you don’t want to be comfortable, goin’ to the moon,” said William severely. “If you wanted to be comfortable, you ought to’ve stayed at home.”
“I bet I’ll wish I had done, before we’ve finished,” said Ginger. “I’m getting all over oil, too. It’s jolly oily in here.”
“What’s a bit of oil?” said William. “I bet those people that discovered the North Pole an’ Everest an’… an’ gorgeous Technicolor didn’t mind a bit of oil. Here! Move your leg away. It’s right in my face.”
“Well, your face is takin’ up all the room.”

His quest becomes considerably simplified when he and Ginger come across a fairground ‘rocket’ sitting abandoned on the back of an empty truck.

They borrow it to facilitate their journey to the moon, but as it turns out someone else had already ‘borrowed’ it from its rightful owner…