Day 274: Feasts for Heroes

The facts

“I’m goin’ to see if anyone’s in,” said William. “I’m goin’ to knock at the door.”
“What’ll you do if someone comes?”
“I’ll ask if Mr Jones lives there,” said William promptly. “I always do that if I want to find out if anyone’s in a house.”
“S’pose Mr Jones does live there?”
“He never has yet.”

  • Number: 25.11
  • Published: 1945 (1944 in magazine form)
  • Book: William and the Brains Trust
  • Synopsis: The Outlaws try to organise a celebratory tea for a decorated war hero.


Henry meets a girl whose father has gone up to London to be decorated by the King for his military achievements, only to come back to a larder empty due to the ration. Considering this to be “jolly hard lines”, and considering it to be his patriotic duty to improve on the situation, Henry enlists the Outlaws’ help.

“It’s not stealin’,” said William. “It’s takin’ it from people what don’t need it an’ oughtn’t to have it to give it to people what do need it an’ ought to have it. It’s what Robin Hood did an’ no one ever thinks it was wrong of him. There’s plays an’ poems wrote about him.”
“Well, I bet if anyone catches us they won’t write plays an’ poems about us,” said Henry.

They patriotically obtain eatables, table decorations and other essentials from various houses around the district – from one in particular, which had a sumptuous tea set out until the Outlaws relocated it.

Unfortunately, the only flaw in Henry’s plan is that he mis-heard the name of the house of the gallant officer…