Day 38: William Sells the Twins

The facts

Ginger brought two large luggage labels, each inscribed: “SLAVE: CHEEP” and on the back of each label was printed: “6½D“.

  • Number: 3.12
  • Published: 1923 (1923 in magazine form)
  • Book: William Again
  • Synopsis: William and Ginger enter the slave business.


William and Ginger are in one of their periodic moments of bankruptcy, so they decide to sell Ginger’s twin three-year-old cousins as slaves. To be fair, they also decide to rescue them as soon as the money has been spent (despite the twinge of Ginger’s conscience, “I say, I… I suppose it is honest?”).

“You’re so silly,” said William patiently. “They’d jus’ buy ’em once an’ jus’ pay once for ’em and then have ’em all the rest of their lives to do work for ’em an’ they’d never pay any more after they’d jus’ paid for ’em once – see?”

But, naturally, it all goes wrong and Ginger’s aunt is not happy.

Still, at least the boys did plan to organise a rescue mission, and William does prove a big hit with the twins – who are safe and sound, don’t worry – as one of them sleepily murmers, “Willum’s nice.”