Day 31: Not Much

The facts

“We could play gimes,” said William, deliberately adopting the accent of his new friends. He decided to adopt it permanently. He considered it infinitely more interesting than that used by his own circle.

  • Number: 3.4
  • Published: 1923 (1922 in magazine form)
  • Book: William Again
  • Synopsis: William joins a party of slum children visiting his village.


William’s mother is hosting a tea-party for some visiting London “slum children”. William, thanks to a formidable little girl called Eglentine, manages to join the group, posing as an orphan so as to fit in.

“I’m not much good at parties,” said William with perfect truth.

Although he is eventually found out – unsurprisingly, his mother recognises him when he arrives at his own house for the party – he retains Eglentine’s friendship. As she tells him, he “carn’t ’elp” his class.