Day 197: William and the Wonderful Present

The facts

Authority had grasped William firmly by the ear.
“Now, young man,” it said, “tell us the whole story, from the beginning.”

  • Number: 18.1
  • Published: 1936 (1935 in magazine form)
  • Book: Sweet William
  • Synopsis: William offers his help to two detectives.


Dahlia Macnamara is Robert’s latest squeeze, and as a girl of rich extraction, Robert is very anxious to impress her favourably with a birthday present. He is worried that the cheap necklace he has bought her is, well, cheap.

William, meanwhile, has made friends with a self-proclaimed “Scotland Yard man” he finds snooping in the back garden of The Hall, residence of Mr and Mrs Bott, and who asks William lots of questions about which houses in the village are empty, which servants are likely to sleep through a burglary, and so on. William is most helpful (see also William’s Burglar, 2.3).

Robert came to the conclusion that he must possess sex appeal in a most concentrated and magnetic form. Funny that he’d never suspected it before.

Dahlia somehow ends up wearing Mrs Bott’s pearls (which seem to spend most of their time being stolen and then worn in front of Mrs Bott: see William the Philanthropist, 6.9).