Day 63: William’s Truthful Christmas

The facts

“Do you like the book and instruments that Uncle and I gave you?” said Aunt Emma brightly.
“No,” said William gloomily and truthfully. “I’m not int’rested in Church History an’ I’ve got something like those at school. Not that I’d want ’em,” he added hastily, “if I hadn’t ’em.”

  • Number: 5.9
  • Published: 1925 (1924 in magazine form)
  • Book: Still William
  • Synopsis: William casts aside all deceit at Christmas.


Inspired by a sermon, William determines to cast aside deceit and hypocrisy, and have a totally honest Christmas.

Aunt Emma said it had been a “beautiful service”. The only bright spot to William was when the organist boxed the ears of the youngest choir boy, who retaliated by putting out his tongue at the organist at the beginning of each verse of the last hymn.

The remainder of the story, then, is a rather predictable series of faux pas in which William is comically ungrateful for his presents and comically insulting of others’ appearances etc.

Mildly entertaining but I feel it exhausted its promise after the first few pages.