Day 61: “The Haunted House”

The facts

The next night they all got up and dressed when the rest of their households were in bed.
Ginger had brought a stick which he thought would be useful for killing snakes. He had a vague idea that all roads were infested by deadly snakes at night.

  • Number: 5.7
  • Published: 1925 (1924 in magazine form)
  • Book: Still William
  • Synopsis: The Outlaws accidentally haunt an abandoned cottage.


An abandoned cottage was always going to lure the Outlaws in, but their decision to hold nighttime ‘meetings’ there (it might be more accurate to call them nighttime eatings) plunged its next-door neighbour Miss Hatherly into fits of terror as she becomes convinced that it is haunted.

“We must have another meeting and all collect data,” said the President brightly.
“What’s ‘data'”? said little Miss Simky to her neighbour in a mystified whisper.
“It’s the French for ghost story,” said the neighbour.

Her fellow members of the Society for Higher Thought rally to the cause, and their investigations get all mixed up with Robert’s infatuation for Miss Hatherly’s niece.

The whole story is somewhat confused but perhaps features the most chaos caused by William while he has the least agency or intentionality about what he’s doing.