Press release

Reading and reviewing one Just William story a day, for a year

Richmal Crompton wrote 360 of her classic Just William stories. Freelance journalist Gabriel Webber is going to spend this year reading and reviewing one each day.

The “Just William’s Year” project ( will, this time next year, form the first comprehensive summary of every Just William story, online or in print.

Several of the stories are out of print, one was never included in a book and one was withdrawn amidst a row over its treatment of a Jewish shopkeeper!

But those that are still in circulation, especially those wonderfully read by Martin Jarvis as part of his definitive BBC radio recording, continue to enthral young and old alike to this day.

Gabriel Webber is a Finchley-based freelance journalist and satirist, working nationally in the Jewish community. He has written for The Sunday TimesPrivate Eye, The Huffington Post and, further afield, Ha’aretz and Times of Israel, and is currently Community Development Manager at Finchley Progressive Synagogue.

For more information please contact Gabriel.